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Featured Content

Everybody Has a Story - 001 - Rebecca

105,237 people are without a home every night in Australia. Rebecca is one of them. Domestic violence, relationship issues, financial hardship, lack of affordable & appropriate housing or health issues are all reasons why someone may experience homelessness. Rebecca left home because of her father. Homelessness is more than just sleeping rough - it's couch surfing, staying in hostels, boarding houses or emergency accommodation. Rebecca is fortunate enough to have friends who allow her to sleep on their couch until their patience runs out...

3 months ago
 606  1

Guy Jamison - More Than You Think

Litigation Attorney, Husband, Father: More than you think! Share it.

2 years ago
 503  2

Jeremy Affeldt

Jeremy Affeldt, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, speaks about his passions and professional career.

a month ago
 1118  1

Cross Examination | Universalism | Ep. 3

Cross Examination | Ep. 3. Discusion on the law of Universalism and it's relevance to Creationism.

2 years ago
 827  0

Lost Boy

Peter shares his life testimony and how he struggled to survive terrible circumstances with God on his side.

2 years ago
 383  2

Living life on Skid Row

Outreach is at the heart of The Salvation Army's mission. Providing food to the hungry, clothes to those who are cold and shelter to the homeless. Our work continues to help those less fortunate, with your support. Click "Donate" to continue supporting our outreach efforts.

2 years ago
 610  0