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Featured Content

Everybody Has a Story - 001 - Rebecca

105,237 people are without a home every night in Australia. Rebecca is one of them. Domestic violence, relationship issues, financial hardship, lack of affordable & appropriate housing or health issues are all reasons why someone may experience homelessness. Rebecca left home because of her father. Homelessness is more than just sleeping rough - it's couch surfing, staying in hostels, boarding houses or emergency accommodation. Rebecca is fortunate enough to have friends who allow her to sleep on their couch until their patience runs out...

a month ago
 369  1

Everybody Has a Story - 003 - Kara

An addiction is a compulsion to engage in any substance or behaviour in order to feel good or avoid feeling bad. However, Kara doesn't think she has an addiction even though she drinks a lot. The most abused drug in Australia is alcohol with 33% of serious car accidents and 75% of assaults are linked to alcohol use. Kara says she will give anything to make the pain go away. She didn't realise how much help she really needed. It is very difficult to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, especially on your own...

a month ago
 382  2

Ray Luna | More Than You Think

Adult Film Director, Addict, Rehabilitated. More Than You Think! Share It!

a year ago
 545  2

When The Game Stands Tall | Cast Interview

Gavin interviews the cast of the movie When The Game Stands Tall.

a month ago
 591  1

Harvest Initiative

In this new initiative, Commissioner Jim Knaggs explains the success of The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers and proposes three solutions to further increase the effectiveness of these programs.

12 days ago
 972  4


Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, this 30-minute film documents the work of The Salvation Army following the horrific attack on the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. It features some of the first responders and survivors – Matthew 10:42. Ministry continues in the aftermath of disasters as they continue to occur worldwide. Get your social media congregations involved. Produced by The Salvation Army, Eastern Territory

2 years ago
 2523  5